Wine With Leagh, at Metropolitan.

Our last wine class was presented to us,by former Metro student Leagh Barkley.

Leagh’s passion for wine  stemmed from his time spent in france, that turned him from having a distaste for wine to a sommelier of fine wines.

These days, you’ll find Leagh working at a casual/ fine dining restaurant called Tap, located in South Surrey. He is the bar manager/wine sommelier,  who is always creating new and fresh martinis and cocktails for the menu, and offers his expertise to guests for the perfect pairing to accompany their meal.

He has completed the first level of the Sommelier program for the ISG,  and has been a part of many wine and food pairing events throughout Vancouver and the lower mainland.  Leagh also enjoys booking private wine tastings for small groups, and in his spare time shares his passion with friends and family.

Metro students are welcome to visit Leagh at Tap restaurant to enjoy his vast wine knowledge and fine cuisine.

Visit their website for more information www.taprestaurant.ca

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