Why Choose Us

WHY Choose Us

Metropolitan Bartending is the ONLY school in Vancouver that offers:

Guarantee Training

If for any reason you are not happy with how well you did in the class, or you had to miss a class, you can re-book, and come back through the course for free, anytime, for free.

Free class re-takes for life

Graduates are encouraged to come back after completing the course to retake bartending classes, ask questions, touch up skills behind the bar, and/or obtain assistance in job placement. 2 weeks, or 10 years after you graduate, you are always welcome back, for free.

1 on 1 Resume Coaching

After you complete the bartending program, book a 1 on 1 appointment with your instructor, to review your resume, and discuss your job search. We are here to support you during the process of finding work, and we have the highest success rate of graduates finding employment in Vancouver. We care that you are successful after your course is complete. Let us help you find that first bartending job.

Well Established Certificate

Metropolitan opened and started training Bartenders in Vancouver in 1995. We have a lot of experience training bartenders, and a lot of connections in the industry. But, more importantly, more bar managers and bar owners have heard of Metropolitan and recognize the value of our certificate. If you go with another school that has only been around for a year or two, you might find yourself in an job interview, and the manager asking; “What’s this bartending school you went to? I’ve never heard of it”. Managers and owners in Vancouver have heard of Metropolitan, and recognize the training we provide.

Working POS System

Having working Point Of Sale stations allows students to get familiar with one of the biggest parts of bartending, the POS system. Learning to open a tab for a customer, add to the tab throughout the shift, print a bill for the customer, close the bill, make correct change, close the tab, and balance a cash out at the end of the shift, these concepts are jet as important as making a good cocktail.

Top Training Facility

Metropolitan has the best bartender training facility in Vancouver. Fully equipped bartender stations, dozens of every piece of equipment bartenders will ever use, clean modern facility.

Additional Seminars

On top of our 24 hour, Bartender Certification Course, we offer 3, 1 day seminars to help you expand your bartending knowledge & resume.

  • 1 Night Wine Tasting Seminar & Certificate. Wine knowledge is sales power. Managers will ask you a few wine questions in your bartending job interview. They expect you to be able to discuss wine with guests.
  • 1 Day Flair Bartending Seminar. Do tricks, Make Customers Happy, Make More Tips, Get Better Jobs.
  • 1 Night Bar Chef Seminar. The 32 hour bartending course covers cocktails like The Caesar, Margarita, Mojito etc… The 1 Night Bar Chef Seminar teaches you how to take cocktails to the next level with fresh ingredients. Bar Chef’s blow customers away with a fresh cucumber basil Margarita, BBQ Bourbon Caesar, blood orange & fresh mint Mojito etc…


While the majority of your time will be up behind our bar working through various concepts, we will spend a smaller percentage of time working through theory. The time fly’s by, and the concepts are made much easier with slideshows, and short videos we show on out flatscreen TV’s.

Ultra Flexible Schedule

Can’t make it to the day class? Come to the night class instead. Our day and night classes run so we cover the same info during that days afternoon class, and then again for the evening class. You are welcome to switch from day classes to night class and back again anytime.


Located in the centre of Burnaby, The Metropolitan Bartending School is in the epicentre of Metro Vancouver. Just minutes away from Metrotown mall, and is steps away from the Royal Oak skytrain station.

Top Instructors

Every instructor at Metropolitan has many years of bartending experience in several different types of establishments. Having a broad range of bartending experience (pubs, fine dining restaurants, nightclubs etc…) allows our instructors to train students to succeed in any type of environment. Check out your instructors bio here.

Expanding Curriculum

Metropolitan is not part of a big chain. When new trends come along, we immediately update our course. We add and subtract cocktails and concepts from our program every month. Our instructors actually work in top establishments in Vancouver, and see the trends develop. The industry changes quickly, and we adapt quickly.

Metropolitan Vancouver is the only school in the lower mainland that offers the above benefits. We can’t think of any reason you would go to a different school, but if there is any reason you can think of, let us know at info@metropolitanbartendingschool.com and we will jump on it!