When looking for a bartending position there are some important factors that will get you the job or not.

–       Narrow the job search to the place/environment you want to work in.  There is nothing worst then being somewhere you do not like. There is a place for everyone.

–       Tailor your resume to each particular position and company; show that you have common interests with the company. For example, if it’s a sports bar, then you’ll need to know all there is to know about sports, and you keep up on the current events in the sports world.

–       Then, when you find the place you want to work, DO the homework.  Research the company, study the menu, talk to the people that work there, ask a lot of questions, so when you get into the interview and are asked why you want to join the company, you’ll know!

–       Once you have secured the interview, this is your time to shine!!  Look the part. You have done the research, therefore you know what the staff is like, so if the men are clean-shaven, then it would be in your best interest to do the same, this is all part in selling yourself.

–       Always have something to say, and ask questions!  This shows you have interest in the company and their vision.

–       Make sure you know your sales from previous job; this will show your ambition to up sell products and promotions.

–       Smile and don’t forget get to think before you speak. It’s a lot of pressure being in an interview, However if you plan, and think about how you are going to answer the questions, this will show the employer that you can organize your thoughts under pressure, shows self confidence and will set you apart from your competition.

And remember that all metropolitan students are eligible to use our resume coaching session, and participate in the course refresher program. Your success is our success!

Good Luck!

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