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When it comes to getting Metropolitan graduates hired, we are always keeping in touch with what industry employers are looking for and inform our graduates on a on-going basis of up to date job leads through our Job Center.

We update industry job postings at least 2-3 times a week in the Job Center. We post opportunities from the major job sites, but also spend a lot of time searching private industry sites and job boards the average person would never find, and post them all exclusively for our graduates. We want to help you succeed!

Job Assistance

Resume Coaching is a big part of our 24 hour Bartender Certification course. We’ll give you a realistic perspective of what industry employers are looking for and familiarize you with all the important aspects of how to put together a resume that stands out form the crowd. The other topic we spend some time on is job hunting techniques. Going to the right place, at the right time of day, wearing the right outfit, with the right resume, asking for the right person that can actually hire you, and saying the right things in the interview doesn’t just happen naturally. We will walk you through some great job hunting techniques that will save you a ton of time getting that great industry job. After you graduate our program, you also can access free 1 on 1 resume & job search coaching. Book a private 30 minute appointment with your instructor, and bring in your resume to get some tips on editing, and some pointers on your job search

Below are the 4 most recent listings. After registering for our program, you will receive a password to access this free private resource.



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