Course Outline

Module 1

Introduction to the Program
Get to know your instructor and about their past experience bartending. And meet the students in your class. We will discuss the program as a whole, including class content and breakdown, so you know what each day of training will consist of, and what you’ll have to prepare for.

Bar Set Up
Every bar looks a little bit different, but they are really all the same. We will show you how all bars are set up to increase speed and efficiency. And the procedure to open and close every bar.

Pouring And Measuring Alcohol Exercise
Pouring alcohol with precision and accuracy is absolutely essential to keep liquor costs under control.

Delivering Fantastic Guest Service
There are a few simple techniques to make sure your guests have a great experience, tip well and come back on a regular basis. Building up repeat clientele will be an essential part of working in top bars.

Bartending Equipment
We introduce Boston Shakers, Hawthorne Strainers, mixing glasses and spoons, jiggers, muddlers, Glass rimmers, and bottle openers. Being familiar with these tools, when and how to use them, will give you total confidence behind the bar on your first shift.

How Is Alcohol Made
Where it comes from, and what separates the top premium brands from the cheap stuff.

The simplest drinks to make are highballs, so this is a great place to start to practice your pouring techniques and making multiple drinks at a time.

Premiums and Premium Brands
How brands, and customers relationship with brands effect your life behind the bar. What to actually look for to determine a quality product from a well-marketed product.

Premium Highball Exercise
Get your hands on those top brands and work with them behind the bar.

Intro To Modifiers
Customers love modifying their order. We will get you making drinks: Neat, Up, Short, Tall, and with a splash, and the list goes on.

POS Systems
Every bar these days has a touch screen Point Of Sale system, and so do we. Its important to be very familiar with these systems, opening and closing customer bills, and understand your responsibilities around cash handling

Built Cocktails Part 1
Now you are making basic cocktails, and tracking everything you make with the touchscreen POS system

Module 2

What fruit garnish goes with what cocktail, rules of garnishes, how to cut and prepare garnishes

Built Cocktails Part 2
Now the drinks are getting a little more complicated, still tracking everything you make on the POS system

Liqueurs add life, flavour and texture to cocktails, and many are great on their own.

Advanced Methods Of Mixing
Moving into the more complicated cocktails, you will need to master Shaking, Stirring, Muddling, Straining, Double Straining, Glass Frosting, Spice Rimming, and Floats

Martinis & Specialty Cocktails
Practice those advanced bar skills, shaking stirring straining, and chilling Martinis and other classic cocktails

Responsible Alcohol Service Discussion
Its important to understand what your legal responsibilities are to your guests, and what you can be held liable for.

Module 3

Efficiency Exercises
Streamline your movements and prepare orders faster using effluence techniques. Practice making larger orders of cocktails efficiently

Tip Strategy
Expanding on the topic of great customer service. With a focus on delivering and experience that will increase the tips you take home each night.

There are hundreds of shooter recipes, we will highlight and practice the popular ones you will encounter in Calgary

Beer & Beer Pouring
Cover the basics of beer. Beer Categories. Maintaining a Draft Beer System. Pouring beer

Wine & Wine Service
Cover the basics of wine. Wine regions, grape varietals. Opening and serving wine to guests.

Module 4

Suggestive Selling
Increasing your sales makes you a more valuable employee. It also results happier customers, the best shifts, and more money in your pocket.

Tips On Resumes
You should create a new resume, just for bartending, in a hospitality-friendly format

Tips On Looking For Employment
Where to go, what to wear, and what times are appropriate for applying

Tips On Interviews
What to say, what not to say, and most importantly, what questions to ask.

Review And Practice
Prepare for the exam which covers the handful of cocktails every bartender must know.

Written Exam
A short written exam just to make sure you were paying attention

Practical Exam
Demonstrate you have absorbed the skills necessary to walk in to a bar and rock it on your first shift

Celebration Toast
Enjoy a cocktail with your classmates with your new Bartending Certificate in hand.