Tools of the trade: What you need to know.

Every good bartender knows that keeping tools of the trade clean, close by and in working order, is what gives them the fluidity to do their job. Keeping tools clean is important as there is no “5 second” rule if it lands on the floor.  Your guests want to see that they are in a clean establishment while enjoying cocktails,…

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Why having a good attitude is the key to being a great bartender.

Having a good attitude is the most important key to success when bartending. Being a people person is essential, as is being able to read and respond to a guest’s mood. No matter how the guest is feeling, you will have the ability to make them feel  welcomed and comfortable. Having an outgoing personality is a great asset, along with a…

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Today’s Tip: Keeping Your Bar Clean….

Metropolitan’s own instructor extraordinaire Luch Balao, offers tips to excel your bartending skills and stand out as a professional! Keeping your bar clean and organized is essential to running efficiently and if your bar is wet and unorganized, not only will drinks take you longer to make, you’re going to look messy while you are making them. Put bottles back…

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Vancouver International Wine Festival

Monday was another great wine class! Thanks to Rebecca and Brandon for the muscle in corking wine bottles! Mentioned in Monday’s class, was the up coming Vancouver International Wine Festival. This is a great opportunity to taste a variety of wines, talk to the industry professionals and improve your new found tasting skills. Also remember to check out the volunteer…

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An Evening Of Tasting & Tango

NANAIMO’S 8TH ANNUAL WEE TIPPLE PARTY FRIDAY MARCH 11, 2011 An evening of fine scotch, craft beer, and wine tasting …with a southern connection: TANGO! BOWEN PARK CENTRE Tastings: 5:30 to 7:30 DISTILLERIES, WINERIES, CRAFT BREWERIES PAIRED WITH FINE FOODS PREPARED BY VIU INSTITUTE OF CULINARY ARTS Performance: 7:45 to 8:45 Featuring the renowned Tango duet, Carlos Barrionuevo and Mayte…

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Balvenie Glenfiddich Malt Specialist Position In Vancouver..

THE BALVENIE /GLENFIDDICH Bartender/Malt Specialist / Scotch Enthusiast Who We’re Looking For: – Male, between the ages of 30 – 35 (can be younger if he looks within this range) – Personable and self-motivated – Background in alcohol beverage industry (e.g. sales, bartender, brand ambassador) – Serving it Right certification -Some knowledge of the scotch whisky category preferred -Ability to…

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When looking for a bartending position there are some important factors that will get you the job or not.

–       Narrow the job search to the place/environment you want to work in.  There is nothing worst then being somewhere you do not like. There is a place for everyone. –       Tailor your resume to each particular position and company; show that you have common interests with the company. For example, if it’s a sports bar, then you’ll need to…

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“Serving it Right” and why you need it?

Why do you need “Serving it Right Certification? You cannot legally serve alcohol in the province of British Columbia with a Serving It Right Certificate? In the bartending industry you will not even be considered for employment without this document. Learn how to keep customers and the public safe while allowing them to enjoy the benefits and pleasures that good…

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How to get bar jobs

Bartending jobs are some of the most sought after in the hospitality industry. In Vancouver its who you know no t what you know. If you haven’t done bartending school

Vancouver’s Perfect Manhattan

The most difficult drinks in bartending are the classics that use few ingredients. Nothing could be more true when preparing the Rye based Manhattan cocktail.  The drink has as  many reincarnations,