Applying For Your FIRST Bartending Job

Where you choose to apply for your first bartending job is just as important as how you apply for it. When applicants fail to get their first bar gig, it’s usually because they apply to the wrong places. They apply to fancy cocktail bars and busy nightclubs – bars that don’t tend to hire first-timers – these places don’t callback,…

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How To Make A Bartender’s Resume

There should only be a few specific things written on an effective Bartender’s Resume, and by “effective” Bartender’s resume, we mean one that does exactly what it’s supposed to: get you an interview. Everyone  who shows they have the required skills to do the job gets an interview – so that’s all your resume needs to do, nothing more. All it…

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The Different Ways to go from Barista-To-Bartender

The switch from Barista-To-Bartender is nice and simple, but not quite as simple as going right from one to the other, there’s one small step in-between. The step in-between barista-ing (totally a word by the way) and bartending is exactly that: something that’s halfway between the two; like working in a cafe that also serves alcohol for example. There are…

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Would You Make a Good Bartender?

If you’re interested in taking bartending lessons from our school, learning the craft of bartending, and you like people, then you probably already have the ambition and positive attitude needed to succeed. One Secret of Becoming a Bartender There is a little secret that veteran bartenders all know: Being a great bartender isn’t as much about knowing drinks as it…

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3 Myths About Bartending Schools and Bartending Classes

  Although we meet with hundreds of new students every year, we also find that a lot of people who would sign up for bartending classes don’t do so because they hold on to misconceptions about becoming a bartender. Here are three that we encounter frequently, and the actual truth behind them: Myth #1: You Have to be a Young…

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What Kinds of People Become Bartenders?

There is a common misconception that only young people who enjoy mixed drinks and cocktails should become bartenders. While we certainly do see students who fit that profile, the reality is that lots of different types of people choose to become bartenders on a full- or part-time basis. And why not? It’s a career that offers daily cash pay, a…

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3 Reasons Now is a Great Time for Bartending Classes

After helping thousands of people to learn about bartending and get jobs in the industry right away, we are convinced that there is never a bad time for bartending classes. But, there are a few things that make it an especially great idea right now: 1. Bartending helps you earn cash in a tough economy. One thing our graduates love…

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Micah Dew: Creating the Beergarita.

Watch Metropolitan’s Barchef Micah Dew crafting his latest creation for the Province newspaper drink of the week. Happy Tending!! http://www.theprovince.com/Video+Cocktail+week/5279673/story.html  

Vounteer Bartending Position

Do you want to share your skills and make practical use of your bartending abilities? The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is looking for volunteer bartenders with Serving It Right certification for the following events at the Garden: – Main Street Magazine Tour (http://www.bcamp.bc.ca/mainst) on August 18th – Screaming Silently, part of Vancouver International Fringe Festival on September 10th, 13th…

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Fairchild TV at Metropolitan

Our new instructor Micah filming a segment with Fairchild TV