Masters Course

Masters Bartender Program $595

Professional bartenders are in demand. With this bartending school package you’ll have all necessary certification to pour drinks in any bar, restaurant or nightclub. The Masters Bartender program is a package that includes all 5 courses & seminars offered at Metropolitan Bartending School Calgary. This package offers our best deal, each course & seminar is discounted.

Masters Package Includes:

  1. Get ready to work behind the bar & receive your Bartending Certificate with our 24 hour Bartender Certification Class. Weekday, weeknight, or Saturday classes available. After course completion you will have the understanding and hands on experience of basic mixology and how to work in a bar environment. Cost $395, discounted to $370
  2. Up your sales power with working wine knowledge. Learn to recommend wine to customers like a pro at our Friday night, 1 Day Wine Tasting Seminar.Cost $125, discounted to $75
  3. Flip bottles, toss limes, spin shakers and wow your customers. Get prepared to increase your sales, tips, job opportunities, & repeat customers with our Sunday afternoon 1 day Flair Bartending SeminarCost $125, discounted $75
  4. Learn to put a fresh modern twist on the classic’s. The latest trend in bartending is fresh ingredients. Working with fresh ingredients requires advanced skill’s, techniques such as infusions, dilution, double straining, muddling, and choosing the best seasonal ingredients. This Monday night 1 night Bar Chef Seminar will take your bartending skills to the next level. Cost $125, discounted to $75
  5. Get BC Government certified with the Serving It Right Program. We guide you through this mandatory government program, and make sure you leave Metropolitan ready to work. Cost $35

This is our premier bartending program. After completing our masters program you will have the skills, knowledge and recognition you need to get hired as a bartender anywhere in the world. You will have the basic bartending skills & certificate, Serving It Right certification, wine knowledge, flair moves, & Bar Chef cocktail creation confidence. Start your new career with the most solid foundation possible, and get the deepest discount with our Masters Program

Total Value $805
Package Price $630
You save $175


Graduates of our bartending program can return anytime for FREE refresher classes.

Bartender Certification Class Schedule

Weekday Classes:
  • 1pm – 5pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • for 2 weeks
Weeknight Classes:
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 6pm – 10pm,
    for 2 weeks
Weekend Classes:
  • 6pm – 10pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • for 2 weeks

(24 hours total class time)

Wine Seminar:

  • Friday Night 7pm – 10pm

Flair Bartending Seminar:

  • Sunday Afternoon 1pm – 5pm

Bar Chef Seminar:

  • Monday Evening 7pm – 10pm

Bartending Success Story:

I took the Master Bartender program last winter and I received a job bartending at Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse and Bar in Chilliwack shortly after. I very quickly worked my way up to head bartender there and I’ve been the Bar Manager there for almost a year now. I definitely have to thank Metropolitan Bartending School for helping me get to where I am. I think the best part of the program was the knowledge behind the alcohol, how it’s made, where it’s made and all that. I’m actually now looking into going to Scotland for a degree in distilling and brewing. I hope this story can inspire some of the students and if any of your students are from Chilliwack have them come check out Mr. Mike’s Steakhouse and Bar
Perry U.