Success Stories

Success Stories

Antony Packer  

What made me want to go to bartending school was the desire to stand out from the thousands of other students scouring restaurants and bars looking for jobs. I wanted an advantage. Before attending Metropolitan, I had only worked in retail, and in restaurants, but I was only able to get entry level positions like hosting & expediting.

I was surprised right away by how laid back the class was. It wasn’t school, it was like hanging out with a group of friends learning. As corny as that sounds, its true. My experience at Metropolitan was wonderful. I suddenly had a surge of confidence behind the bar that I had never had before. There were many laughs, and I felt a desire to study, not just to pass the class, but because I wanted to make my instructor proud. The main thing that I took away from the school was not necessarily the recipes, or the skills. It was the mindset you need to have. To be successful behind the bar you have to be relaxed, social, and independent. You have to be able to multitask, and Metropolitan helped me understand this.

I walked into my new job, and immediately found I was to applying the skills I learned at Metropolitan. Friday night at the Olive and Anchor pub in West Vancouver is an experience I’ve never had in my life. The feeling of being so busy, with so many people needing things, that you brain could explode, but somehow getting through it, is incredibly satisfying, liberating, and something I don’t think I would have been able to handle if it weren’t for Ian and the Metropolitan Bartending School. I would absolutely recommend the course to anyone looking to learn what working in a bar is really like.

Alicia Myton 

I had an amazing experience, got to learn everything I was hoping too get out of the school! The most

helpful thing I learned was how to make martinis and that there were so many different variations.

I am now bartending at the Riverway Golf and Country Club in Burnaby.

Suddenly, I felt more confident at work; learning the 100+ drinks that were taught.

The skills that benefited me the most were making martinis and shots. I would  highly recommend the school & instructor; without such a great instructor I wouldn’t know nearly as much as I do now as I continue in the food and beverage industry.


Trevor Scheffel 

I worked in retail for 5 years. I was starting to feel stuck at my last retail job, and I needed something new. A job that was fun! Metropolitan Bartending School Vancouver was very useful and helped me in many ways.

The 2 weeks I spent at Metropolitan was a great mix of fun and knowledge. The instructor made it very easy to learn a whole bunch of different drinks while keeping it fun and exciting. The class size was small, so the instructor was able to spend lots of one on one time with each of us. It gave me the confidence to be able to make 100’s of mixed drinks and cocktails, and all the other skills my bartending job demands.

My experience after bartending school was a great one. I came in for a 30 min 1 on 1 coaching appointment with my instructor to get help with my resume. I kept in contact with my instructor, he gave me some places to drop off my resume, and I was able to get a job not to long after. Once I got my job bartending at The Big River Brewing Company in Coquitlam, I was able to jump right in and keep up with the fast pace behind the bar. The skills I learned allow me to handle the high volume of cocktails, and selling our own in-house craft beer.

I have recommended the Metropolitan Bartending course to all my friends who have been seeing how much fun I have been having at work, and want a change from the simple retail jobs they want to get out of.

mmexport1393065302577-e1403039625607Peter Feng, Owner – 7 Lounge 

My experience at the Metropolitan Bartending School was an excellent surprise. I took the course prior to opening my own venue, . My background is in marketing and Strategy. I worked mostly corporate jobs in admin, international trade and sales. But going into the bar business, I knew I had a lot of hard work ahead of me. I have always admired managers that work shoulder to shoulder with their staff. But to do this, I had to know my stuff.

I decided to take a bartending course in hopes of emulating that very trait I admired. My first thoughts about bartending were very simplistic. I thought you pour alcohol, open a can of pop and the customer enjoy’s it. After the mixology program, I realized it’s an art form. I never really thought about the techniques, and knowledge necessary to being an excellent bartender.

At the school I learned that not one thing makes you a good bartender. Its a combination of a lot of skills and knowledge. I learned the importance of speed and efficiency, how to pour draught well, and to always keep alcohol costs cost in mind. My product knowledge increased I learned to combine flavours to create a complex drink.

What I liked about the school the most, was the specialized instruction. Ian asked each one of my fellow classmates, what they hoped to achieve, and he very much structured our program individually. I never felt rushed out the door after class. Ian would stay and talk to each one of us, to see if any material needed to be clarified or if we had any needs in terms of the class and understanding.

Once the program was over, I stayed in touch with Ian. The school has said from day one, we’re here to help, and they exceeded my expectations. One of my first nights at 7lounge, our bartender was unavailable. It also happened to be one of the busiest nights ever. I was amazed how the training just took over. Not only was I able to make drinks fast, I made them well in high volumes, the customers were happy and I was completely at ease doing so.

I would highly recommend the school and will continue to do so. The training and hands-on instruction I’ve found to be invaluable, and useful everyday, and I thank them.





I took the skills and excellent training with me back home to Europe and have since impressed my employers with my speed and how efficient I am. Also, its nice to have a completely hireable trade that I can take anywhere with me
Tanya, Colts Bern, Switzerland
After attending the Metropolitan Bartending School, I felt extremely knowledgeable in the preparation, speed, delivery and recipes involved in the whole bartending process. Which ultimately helped me enter the industry, as fast as I did.
Brad Warner, Mustangs Bar and Grill, Langley
The Metropolitan was a great experience! Luch was a patient, experienced, and fun instructor and I learned so much from him. Not only did he teach us all about making drinks but he taught us a lot about the industry and customer service as well. I had such a great time and feel much more confident to apply for bartending jobs.
Cheers Elyssa G
One place you definitely want to know how to operate a speed spout is when you’re working as a brand ambassador, handing out free shots and cocktails to beverage consumers at various public points of sale. When you work a crowd favourite, people tend to form a queue—which quickly becomes a mob, if you can’t work fast. It also doesn’t hurt to know how to make delicious drinks, how to make the most of the product you’re being paid to promote, how to keep your workstation organized and clean, and how to do it all while making friendly conversation with your customer. That was my job and I did it with skill and confidence because I went to Metropolitan Bartending School
Cheers, Joe