Why Is Metropolitan the best bartending school in Vancouver?

We have a lot to say about this! Actually, we composed an entire page of reasons here.

How old do I need to be to take your programs?

For our 24 hour Bartender Certification Course, 1 day Flair Bartending Seminar, and Serving It Right, you must be at least 18 to attend.
For the 1 day Wine Tasting Seminar, and 1 day Bar Chef Seminar, you must be at least 19 to attend.

Do I need any secondary courses or a High School diploma to attend?

There are no required prerequisites to enrol in our classes.

How much?

Our 24 hour Certified Bartender course cost $595. Our 1 day seminars, (Wine Tasting, Flair, Bar Chef) cost $125 each if booked on their own. If you take the 24 hour Bartending Course, 1 Day Seminars are $75 each.

Will there be any extra charges for textbooks, supplies, examinations, certificates, taxes?

No. Everything is included in the prices you see on our site, no hidden fees

Do bartenders make great money?

How much money bartenders make can range from minimum wage + $75 a night in tips, all the way up to $300-$400 a night in tips. This will totally depend on where you work. If you work at Boston Pizza, (which is a great 1st bartending job for maybe 6 months) you might make $50 in tips on a slow night, and Maybe $140 cash on a busy night. At a top end restaurant or nightclub, you will make top-end money. $200-$400 a night. Your first bartending job will probably be more of a mid-level place, and after you have the certificate plus some experience, you can move into better jobs, making better money.

How good a bartender will I be after 24 hours of class time in your school?

We guarantee you will be job-ready. We are confident that you will be impressed with how good you have become by the end of our course. If you don’t feel confident, or just want to brush up, you are welcome back anytime to re-take part or all of the course for free anytime, forever.

Where would I be able to work after I finish this course?

There are TONS of bars & restaurants that hire graduates from our program. Golf course’s, neighbourhood pubs, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, stadiums, all hire our graduates.

To be fair – you will not walk out of our school and right into the top job at the top restaurant or nightclub downtown. While there are thousands of places you will be qualified to work, the top top places are going to require the certificate and a couple years experience. But if thats the career you want, we can help you get there.

Will it be easy or difficult to find a Bartending job after the course?

Its not that difficult to find a bartending job, but they don’t just jump out at you either, you will have to search a little. At Metropolitan, we are determined to support you through this process after you graduate.

*During the program, we devote 45 minutes to writing a great resume for bartending work. Resume expectations in the hospitality industry can be quite different than traditional industries.

*Next, we devote 45 minutes to job hunting. Job hunting in the hospitality industry is also quite different than other occupations. Going to the right place, at the right time of day, wearing the right outfit, with the right resume, asking for the right person that can actually hire you, doesn’t just happen. We walk you through all of this to increase your chances of success.

*Once you complete the course, you also get access to our private job board, which we update constantly, so you don’t have to waste time surfing random job sites.

*One of the most popular programs we have to help you find work are our 1 on 1 resume & job coaching appointments. After you complete the course, you are welcome to come back and meet with your instructor in private for 30 minutes. We will go through your resume with you, and help you customize it to stand out in the hospitality industry. We will also give some tips on where to apply, and strategies for interviews and getting hired.

Some graduates leave our program, apply at 2 places and find a job easily, some have to apply at 6 or 8 places, and keep at it for a couple weeks until they find something. Its not difficult to find a job, but sometimes it takes some looking. If you leave our program and apply at 10 establishments and no one hires you – please call us, and we will help you, you might be doing something wrong and we are happy to coach you through the process.

Can I just take the class for fun?

Totally! While the majority of our students plan on working as bartenders, we always have a few people who are just looking for a fun course to expand their horizons. Our course is fast paced, fun, and you will learn so much. You will be the go-to cocktail pro at the next house party, and never be at a loss for what to order in a bar again.

Do I need to pay anything in advance to reserve my space in the class?

To reserve your seat in an upcoming class, we require either a $75 deposit (remaining balance due on 1st day of class) or the full tuition to hold your spot

Do I need to enrol online?

Most of our students enrol online here to reserve their space for an upcoming class date. If for whatever reason you can’t, or don’t want to register online, you can give us a call anytime, or drop by in person (give us a call in advance of dropping by) and we can get you registered.

What is the Serving It Right Certificate?

Serving It Right is a BC government program which is meant to teach you all your legal responsibilities when serving alcohol to customers. The program is mandatory, anyone that serves alcohol in BC must have this certificate. You can add the Serving It Right Certification course to your Certified Bartender program at checkout for an additional $35