3 Myths About Bartending Schools and Bartending Classes


Although we meet with hundreds of new students every year, we also find that a lot of people who would sign up for bartending classes don’t do so because they hold on to misconceptions about becoming a bartender. Here are three that we encounter frequently, and the actual truth behind them:

Myth #1: You Have to be a Young Person to Become a Bartender

At our bartending school, we teach students of all ages and backgrounds how to be successful professionals. Just as some types of establishments (like nightclubs) prefer younger bartenders, there are others where the atmosphere and clientele make it easier for an older person to fit in. As with any job or career, getting a job as a bartender is all about finding the right fit.

Myth #2: You Have to Remember Hundreds of Drinks to be a Bartender

Unless you start working in a specialty establishment that focuses on cocktails, the number of drinks you’ll have to prepare and remember on a day-to-day basis is typically pretty small. By the time you finish with our bartending school, you’ll know everything you need to make 99% of the drinks you’re ever asked for. The others you’ll learn on the job, or you can find in simple guidebooks you can keep behind the bar.

Myth #3: It’s Hard to Get a Bartending Job

When it comes to finding work as a bartender, all you need is the right training, the right attitude, and a little bit of luck to meet someone who’s hiring at the right moment. We can help you find all three. After completing our class, our students have the skills they need to find & get hired at a great bartending job. Our students have a very high success rate in finding work after the course.

If you’re looking for the country’s best bartending school to help you get started in an exciting new career, then call us today to register for an upcoming class. Or, you can click here to see our course schedule.


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