Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Seminar & Certificate $125

($75 when packaged with our 24 hour Bartender Certification Course)

Program Description:

“I‘m going to have the spicy pork tonight, what wine from your list would you suggest with that?”

If suggesting wine to customers, or deciding which wine to open with what dish at the dinner party is a mystery to you, our 3 hour wine tasting seminar will help you build up your wine confidence.


Sunday Evening, 7pm – 10pm

This relaxed evening seminar is structured to give you an appreciation of an assortment of different types & styles wine in a casual atmosphere. Suitable for the amateur wine drinker or the professional bartender.

We make understanding and appreciating wine fun and easy. We taste and discuss 6 very different styles of wine, from lightest to heaviest. As we go through the wines, you hear a short explanation of the grape & region it came from, and learn to identify differences in taste, colour, and texture. We will also discuss which foods each wine would pair well with.

The main goal of our 3 hour seminar is to remove the mystery, and intimidation factor around wine. You will leave this course with the skills to swish, swirl, and discuss wine like a pro. At the end of the evening, you will receive the Metroplitan Bartending School Wine Tasting Certificate.


For those interested in bartending as a profession, you have to know some basics around wine. Managers know that wine knowledge is sales power. Being able to comfortably & confidently discuss wine with customers and suggest wines to compliment food is no longer optional in most jobs, its required.

This seminar is also available for private groups, call for details

Wine Tasting Success Story:

The wine class was really simple and easy to understand. It was fun to learn which wines pair with certain foods. The instructor was easy going, answered everyones random questions very well, and did a great job making a complicated subject pretty easy to understand. It was great to learn about the bigger subjects like grape varieties and countries, but really interesting to learn all the little tricks that go into serving & enjoying wine. I would definitely recommend it to friends
Ashan P.
The staff here is awesome. Hands on learning with all the wines was fantastic. Learning was made easier with all the example stories about different wines Chris explained. I thoroughly enjoyed my wine class at Metropolitan. Love the certificate, I might frame it!
Kelly H.
I enjoyed the instructors, I learned a lot about in the 2 weeks program.The highlight was definitely the wine tasting seminar. It removed so much of the mystery around wine for me. I will definitely tell my friends about Metropolitan. Everything was awesome and informative as well! Thank you!
Adam J.