Serving It Right Certification

Serving It Right Certification

Serving It Right is the British Columbia Government’s mandatory alcohol server training program. Every person that serves alcohol in the province of BC must have this certificate. When applying for jobs at bars and restaurants, one of the first questions you will be asked is; “Do you have your Serving It Right certificate?”.

The goal of the Serving It right Program is to inform you of your legal responsibilities when serving alcohol to customers. For example, if you a serve a customer 4 cocktails in 2 hours, he leaves the bar, drives away and gets into an accident, are you legally responsible in any way? The answer might surprise you.

The course gives you techniques you can use to prevent problems before they start, and covers topics such as:

  • Warning signs of intoxication
  • Legal Liability, and how the laws are applied
  • Creating and enforcing a Responsible Beverage Service Program

To receive your Serving It Right Certificate, you will have to complete an open-book 30 question exam, and score 80%, (or 24 questions correct).

If you choose, you can add the Serving It Right Certificate to your bartending program at checkout for an additional $35, and we will guide you through the process of completing the exam.

Establisments that employ non-certified workers can be issued a fine, liquor licence suspension, or liquor licence termination. Every establishment in BC will expect you to have completed your exam before applying for work as a bartender or server.